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A huge shoutout to all Youtubers that edit with BBC Sherlock footage.

Do not use “Many Happy Returns” footage for your videos!

I repeat:


The video gets blocked worldwide and you’ll get a strike if you do! I just had to take down my “Sherlock’s X-Rated Birthday Message: UNCUT" video because of that.


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If the press turns - and they always turn - then they’ll turn on you. - John Watson

Another preview for my upcoming “Suicide of fake genius” video. What do you think? Too much? I know the masking on the clip with John is not (yet) 100% perfect but does it look at least a bit realistic? I’m not a VFX-Artist so motion-tracking and masking this thing has been… well, let’s say a challenge. Please let me know what you think! Should I keep it or leave it?

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After one month, over 55,000 views, 2,800 likes, a post on the official Sherlock Facebook page and hundreds of comments I thought it was only fair to say THANK YOU to the most overwhelming response to my “Shell Shocked" Trailer. I never expected that when I uploaded the video and I find myself unable to put into words how much it means to me.

I absolutely enjoyed reading all the lovely comments you left here on tumblr and in the comment section of the video so I naturally wanted to share a very small selection of them with you. I soon found out that you can sort every comment into three different “categories”.

1) The commenting from the afterlife

Mostly lots of swearing and key-smashing. Oh and don’t get me started about the death wishes towards me. Now I know how Moftiss must feel sometimes.

2) The simply HILARIOUS comments

I laughed so hard at some of your comments. Honestly how do you come up with stuff like this? You guys are PERFECT!

3) The nice and flattering comments

Those kind of comments that make me “aaaw” out loud and make me want to hug you all veeery tightly.

Let me just say it one more time: You guys in this fandom are AWESOME and I LOVE every single one of you with the fiery passion of a thousand suns.

Take care and keep commenting!



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imaginarydiva asked: You are sooooo amazing. Just watched your trailer Shell Shocked. I was wondering how you make Sherlock disappear from the scene. This special effect is perfect. Thank you.

First of all: thank you so much for the compliment! It’s always so nice to hear that people enjoy what I do! It really means a lot.

You’re not the first one that asks me how I did this effect. It looks pretty “easy” but those manipulations can be hard as f*** (sorry for cursing but it’s accurate) and they can also be pretty time-consuming.

You’ll have to be very good in Photoshop (and occasionally in After Effects, too depending on the shot) to do this sort of thing.

How to make people disappear step-by-step:


1) Look at your material for scenes to use.

When you’re doing it for the first time be sure you’ll take a static shot. Camera movement makes this manipulation very, very tricky because you have to use AE in that case.

2) Export the shot as png in full-scale and import it in Photoshop.

3) Sounds easy but isn’t: edit the person out of the picture by adding a background/replacing the person with a possible background. Tip: Take a closer look at the footage. Is the person you want to erase moving in the scene. Can you take a part from the original set/background from other scenes?

This is actually hard to explain because there are so many ways you can do it. It totally depends on the setting and how advanced your Photoshop skills are.

If you have a complicated and very detailed set it can take hours and some serious retouching to get the person out of the shot.

examples in my Shell Shocked Trailer:

- 1:47 Building the missing parts of the couch was tricky

- 1:50 The curtain, oh the bloody curtain!!!!

- 1:58 Don’t get me started about the stupid pillow. *headdesk*

But you can also be as lazy as I occasionally am and pick yourself the simple shots like 1:46. It was quite easy because the background was completely black…) I did this manipulation in under a minute. I’m not kidding. *laughs*

4) Import the manipulated file into your editing program. Pull the picture on the video track above the original scene. Use a dissolve fade transition on the start of the picture to let it fade in smoothly. Tada!

Okay. If you have camera movement (like in 1:43) it’s… let’s say “a bit complicated”. You’ll have to do motion tracking and maybe masking after the Photoshop retouching. And it ALWAYS depends on the footage.

I hope that helped to understand the basic prinicple. It’s not rocket-science but nevertheless it takes a lot of practice to do it. Have fun. ;-)

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tabbyinabluebox asked: just watched your Shell Shocked trailer and it was utterly amazing. Seriously, goose bumps all over! Could you please tell me where I can find the fanfic you based it on? thanks in advanced and keep up the amazing job!

Wow. Thank you so much for the praise! I’m happy you enjoyed watching it. It really means a lot.

The fanficition is not finished yet. bambionice is writing it at the moment but I have no idea when it’ll be finished.

I’ll keep you informed on this blog. :-)

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Anonymous asked: Are you involved in the Supernatural fandom as well? If you do, how do they treat vidders? Good or bad?

Oh, that is a good question actually! I’ve edited a couple of Supernatural videos that became quite popular in the fandom. Most of the fans are nice and absolutely sweet… well most. 

Because it strongly depends on the video or better on the content of the video whether people are acting nice or not. I’ve made a “general/funny” Supernatural Trailer (watch here) for instance that mostly gets positive ratings and comments. Why? Easily explained:

If you stay away from ships then you’re quite safe in the fandom. If you start to make videos for certain ships (regardless wether it’s Wincest or Destiel or any other ship canon or not canon) you’ll always get at least some hate from non-shippers.

It’s quite sad that there is so much hate and misunderstanding in the fandom. I mean we should all be grateful because there are people all over the world who share the same interest and passion for the show and what do some people do instead? They go at each other’s throats!

That’s pretty annoying for me. As a fan AND as a vidder. Vidding takes a lot of time and effort and if you’re doing vids for a non-canon ship it mostly involves serious manipulations that take hours if not days. I think I don’t have to explain how frustrating it can be if you’ll get (mostly homophobic) hate messages after working your ass off for days on a video.

To be quite honest: that’s been one of the reasons why I haven’t vidded Supernatural lately. Sad but true.

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Anonymous asked: Do you feel like vidders are often underrated in fandoms? When asking shippers who participate in fandoms they could always list out fic writers or artists they love real quick, but when it comes to vidders? sometimes people don't even watch fanvids. :( I think vidders deserve the same attention as fic writers and artists as well!

I agree with you to a certain point that sometimes vidders are a bit underrated but I think it strongly depends on the fandom. For instance I hardly know any popular Fringe vidders even though there are lots of blogs/fanfictions/graphics for the show. (If you know good vidders in the fandom please let me know! I’ll need to get my Fringe fix!)

On the other hand there are fandoms such as Doctor Who and Sherlock that have lots of people in it that edit and/or watch fanvideos. You just have to look at the popularity of Seduff, Liisakee or KatrinDepp to notice that. Even Steven Moffat appreciates fanvideos! *smirks*

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I need YOUR help for my showreel

So I’m planning to do a showreel DVD. I’m applying for a permanent position at the tv-station where I’m currently working and apart from my “professional” trailers I wanted to add 3-5 of my Youtube videos, too.

But I can’t decide which. Can you help me out? Just tell me which videos you prefer/ like. This would really help me a lot!

Here’s my Youtube Channel: NYAH86PRODUCTION

Please, please help me!

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#sometimes i think about someone writing the fic where sherlock is actually someone that john created to ease his loneliness after the war #in fact everyone is just a figment of john’s imagination #and it’s one of the reasons why we never see sherlock eat #plot bunnies

It’s why no one visits Sherlock’s blog. It’s why Mrs. Hudson suggests that he might not need the second bedroom. It’s why John is walking through an empty building in the first episode, but then enters the perfect room to see Sherlock and the taxi driver in the building across. None of the crimes actually happen. It’s just John standing around in mostly unpopulated areas.

QAQ It really hurts….especially when u think about in S2E3 John said:”I was so alone.”

Actually he is alone, always. (;__;) He never got, never lost, only the sorrow is real.

Would anyone be interested if I made a trailer or AU video to this amazing theory? It might be impossible, but I LOVE a challenge. Would you watch something like that? Let me know what you think, guys!

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