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A huge shoutout to all Youtubers that edit with BBC Sherlock footage.

Do not use “Many Happy Returns” footage for your videos!

I repeat:


The video gets blocked worldwide and you’ll get a strike if you do! I just had to take down my “Sherlock’s X-Rated Birthday Message: UNCUT" video because of that.


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BBC Sherlock • Bad Moon Rising (A Series 4 Teaser)

This is how I’d like to imagine how series 4 will turn out. Well, if it ever comes out. *laughs*

If Moriarty indeed has survived (and the televised message wasn’t a fake by Moran or someone else) I think Molly will be in fatal danger. Moriarty would know that she had a key role in Sherlock’s survival and he won’t overlook her again and maybe try to use her to get to Sherlock. 

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Anonymous asked: Do you think Molly is still in love with Sherlock after that episode?

Hey Anon,

yes, I’m convinced that Molly is indeed still in love with Sherlock. She tries to hide it and she really tries hard to move on but I think that she still has feelings for him.

First off all: a woman who is completely over a man (and happily engaged with another one) doesn’t jump at the opportunity to go on a dinner date with her former crush.

Another clue for me is the way she keeps her eyes closed after he kisses her on the cheek and that little hint of a smile afterwards.

And there’s the scene where Sherlock walks away after saying that “After all not all men she could fall for would turn out to be sociopaths” and she replies with “Maybe that’s just my type” when she knows he can’t hear her. And the way she looks after him as he goes away. It’s almost like she does want to go after him. (Well, at least it looks like that to me, though I must confess that I am a bit biased being a fierce Sherlolly shipper…)

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BBC Sherlock • I let Molly get under my skin

"Molly and Sherlock’s epic kiss" or "this is the story of how I died"

This is for the fabolous kendrapendragon and petratodd. I hope this pleases you two as much as it pleases me. ;-)

Ahem. A note to my Youtube subscribers: I couldn’t upload it on Youtube because of copyright problems. SORRY!

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