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Mother knows best

Sherlockian’s you have to read this!

It’s simply hilarious! I swear I laughed so hard at this I questioned my sanity at some point… I dare say you’ll enjoy it even if you don’t actually ship it.

Summary: Molly Hooper’s and Sherlock’s mothers put on a quite interesting charade in order to get them together.

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How to Disappear Completely


"To know that he was alive?

What difference did it really make to her either way? In all likelihood, she’d never see him again. He may as well have been dead. Really, actually dead. And it probably would have been easier if that was the case.

That thought entered her head on a regular basis. At first she felt sick with guilt, loathed herself, but when she found herself purposely avoiding John - who so desperately needed a friend, and she was a friend, wasn’t she? - because she just couldn’t do it, not anymore, she decided that no, she really shouldn’t feel guilty about thinking that. He’d ruined her life, totally and completely.”

Holy shit! Take me heart! Here, bloody take it! I don’t need it anymore…

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