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I just played with the chroma-key effect on my editing software. This came out quite accidentally. Decided to give him some fangs, too…

Vampire!Merlin? I must confess I have a bit of a kink for it… ;-)

I just played with the chroma-key effect on my editing software. This came out quite accidentally. Decided to give him some fangs, too…

Vampire!Merlin? I must confess I have a bit of a kink for it… ;-)

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The Lady and The Servant

Merlin and Morgana - The Movie

Sparks fly when the servant boy Merlin meets the beautiful Lady Morgana for the very first time but their blooming romance is ill-fated due to their different ranks in society. Does true love really conquer all obstacles?

It took me three weeks and countless hours to finish it but I did it at last. Huge credit goes to the amazing Sophie (Specialisyou) for giving me the motivation to go through with it. Without her I would have given it up already. Thank you, hun! <3

This was - hand on my heart - the hardest and most challenging video I’ve ever made (privately AND at work). Not only the manipulations but also the audio design was a pain in the arse. Most of the Merlin clips were not clean (means there’s this huge epic orchestral music over the clips) so I had to mute the original sound and “fake” all of the sound effects like steps or nature sounds or doors opening and closing, horse-noises, dog barking etc etc. 

I’m very proud of the result. I mean I still see things that could be improved but I quite like it the way it is.

Have fun watching and please re-blog the shit out of it, if you like it. ;-)

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Ramblings about the Merlin season 4 finale

How fucking epic was the finale of Merlin? I can’t get over it. All the slow-mo fight scenes, the fun, the angst. It was simply perfect. Well, almost.

My dear Merlin writers: I’ve been waiting for the magical reveal since season one episode one and a lot of other fans have been waiting patiently, too. Arthur trusts Merlin. Arthur’s grown up. He’ll understand. He’s ready for the reveal. Please make it happen. I beg you.

Now to the good points of the episode: I loved that Merlin totally made up the story with the Excalibur in the stone to make Arthur feel more confident. I loled my way throught the whole scene… Of course it first reminded me of this:

Which made me grin even more… (Damn it, Supernatural! You ruined me for life!)

How am I supposed to survive a whole year without a new episode?

By the way. When Morgana was saved by the baby dragon I was so like “Merlin is a DRAGONLORD. It is SO obvious that he ordered it!” (Fanfiction? Anyone?)

I should really stop shipping them. It’s hopless. It’ll be the end of me.

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Remember my “Merlin & Morgana • The Wish" Video?

FireflyFanatic3 wrote a fantastic fanfiction for it. I’m still slightly in shock because reading it was like Inception.  She really nailed all the feelings that I was trying to express when I edited this video. If you like the video you’ll surely enjoy the fanfiction, too so check it out and leave a nice comment there. :-)

So here’s the link:

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Merlin & Morgana - The Wish

// If you had one wish. Just one. What would you wish for?

LOL. Don’t ask where this came from. I just had to do it, okay? (^^,)
This manipulation seems simple but it was such a tease. Especially the colour correction and the animation of the rain (which I realize you cannot see unless you watch it in HD. YouTube I hate you sometimes….)

Footage: Merlin Season 1,2 & 4
Programs used: Pinnacle Studio HD Ultimate, Adobe After Effects CS5, Magic Bullet Looks

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Lancelot du lac - A review

So I just watched episode 9 of Merlin and I really can not understand why so many fans here on tumblr complain about it. I thought it was perfect. In every single way.

We all expected (or at least knew from the legend) that Arthur and Gwen didn’t have a Disney fairytale ending. I understand that a lot of fans might have hoped it would end differently since the show isn’t exactly what I would call ‘historically accurate’. (Well, far from it to be honest but let’s face it - it’s a FANTASY show for CHILDREN about a SOURCERER and MAGIC! LOL) I really enjoyed the drama and the debth of the episode because they rarely show such angsty storylines about “adultery” on shows that are intended for kids so I salute to the Merlin writers for pulling that off so brilliantly and still being suitable for the younger audiences. In my opinion it had the right mixture of heartbreak and drama and the performances of all - Bradley, Angel, Colin, Katie, Santiago - were at their best.

Honestly, I was really excited that Angel could show us something of her real talent. She normally has so very few opportunties to do something other than her brave/righteous character on the show. So I was absolutely pleased to see her act differently and out of her routine and comfort zone. No one - not even the Arwen shippers - can deny that she has an amazing chemistry with Santiago Cabrera and both played it brilliantly. I love to see both of them kissing on screen even though I definitely prefer Arwen. Which brings me to Bradley. It absolutely broke my heart to see how well he pulled off the feeling of heartbreak and betrayal. It almost physically hurt and I didn’t think for a moment that it was out of character. How would you feel and react if the love of your life cheated on you? Gwen can be greatful that he’s not like his father (or like me LOL - because I would surely kill the person that cheated on me! Off with his head! LOL) I know that some Arwen shippers might be annoyed and unhappy with the ending but lets be assured - it IS Merlin. Angel is a main character and she WILL come back again this season. So I think we all have reason to hope that she might end up with Arthur again after things have cooled off a little (maybe in the finale, who knows?).

To end my rambling on a lighter note: I happened to notice that Morgana seems to be quite in Christmas mood. She’s always bringing gifts to everyone she meets. ^^

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