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"Gravity, they say you can’t fight it. Well, I disagree. What if love was stronger than gravity?"

I have this strange arrangement with a friend that we go to the movies and pick exactly the one film that both of us are absolutely clueless about. The rules: neither of us has watched a trailer, read a summary or heard about anything in relation to the movie. (No making-of’s, featurettes, interviews - nothing.) We do this because a) it makes going to the movies much more exciting and fun b) you tend to watch films you wouldn’t watch normally, c) lots and lots of surprises while watching

Today we decided to watch this film called “UPSIDE DOWN" without knowing anything about it. Oh, boy I had to make sure that the floor was clean because my jaw rested down there for pretty much of the whole running time. The story is a "simple" Romeo&Juliet star-crossed-lovers plot but it’s set into an imaginitive and breathtakingly premise. 

The story takes place in an universe with two twin planets that are literally within shouting distance of each other and which have gravities that pull in opposite directions. On the planet above Eden (Kirsten Dunst) lives in a pretty comfortable and wealthy society while below Adam (Jim Sturgess) lives in poverty. There’s a strict policy about keeping the habitants of both planets separated from each other but when Adam and Eden meet by chance when they’re kids/teenagers they (of course) fall in love with each other even though the rules that govern both of their worlds (made by society and physics) make their romance strictly impossible.

Sounds pretty dumb, I know BUT I am often willing to overlook “silly” storytelling if the concept of a film is innovative and bold. This is one of those occations. First of all: this movie is so visually stunning that I really didn’t mind paying 12 bucks to watch it in 3D. Some of Hollywoods most recent blockbusters shrink in compairson to the imaginary worlds the CGI-artists created for this movie. Literally every single frame of this movie is pure eyecandy and art. Secondly: even though the story is “old” director and writer Juan Solanas tells it in such a refreshing and heartwarming way that you catch yourself smiling like an idiot a couple of times while watching even though you were not aware of it. Plus: Jim Sturgess play such a sweet, enthusiastic and innocent protagonist that you simply have to like him. After watching it I was simply shocked that I’ve never heard of it before.

Needless to say: I really recommend you all to check it out. (9/10)

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    I keep coming across material that has an amazing premise that utterly fails to deliver.
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    "Gravity, they say you can’t fight it. Well, I disagree. What if love was stronger than gravity?" THIS MOVIE IS FUCKING...
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