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The Lady and The Servant

Merlin and Morgana - The Movie

Sparks fly when the servant boy Merlin meets the beautiful Lady Morgana for the very first time but their blooming romance is ill-fated due to their different ranks in society. Does true love really conquer all obstacles?

It took me three weeks and countless hours to finish it but I did it at last. Huge credit goes to the amazing Sophie (Specialisyou) for giving me the motivation to go through with it. Without her I would have given it up already. Thank you, hun! <3

This was - hand on my heart - the hardest and most challenging video I’ve ever made (privately AND at work). Not only the manipulations but also the audio design was a pain in the arse. Most of the Merlin clips were not clean (means there’s this huge epic orchestral music over the clips) so I had to mute the original sound and “fake” all of the sound effects like steps or nature sounds or doors opening and closing, horse-noises, dog barking etc etc. 

I’m very proud of the result. I mean I still see things that could be improved but I quite like it the way it is.

Have fun watching and please re-blog the shit out of it, if you like it. ;-)

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    Amazing! So beautiful. It’s like a movie. The editing is just perfect! I love it and ship it so hard. Please, can some...
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    The Lady and The Servant Merlin and Morgana - The Movie Sparks fly when the servant boy Merlin meets the beautiful Lady...
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    *Huge Applause* just awesome!
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    forever reblog. this girl’s freakin talented. I had fangirl squeals throughout. about died couple times, and warm fuzzy...
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    OH MY GOD. This is absolutely one of the best pieces of editing I’ve ever seen. I don’t even usually ship this pairing,...
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