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It is a lot easier to find a herd of wild unicorns than a decent and affordable flat in Munich.
Me everytime I view an apartment in the city

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I just came back from the Promax BDA Awards in London. It was fantastic. My team won six (!) awards! Sadly my Pirates of the caribbean trailer didn’t win gold or silver but I really can’t complain. It was still such an honour to make it into the finals because the competition was so strong this year. Well, maybe next year… ;-)

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Big news guys:



I’m going to the PromaxBDA Europe Awards 2014! My Pirates of the Caribbean Trailer is nominated in the category “General Image Program Campaign”. I’m going to LONDON in three weeks!


Happy for you!!! You should be famous and when you become famous don’t forget us :)

Haha! It’s highly unlikely that I’ll ever get famous… and if I did I would never forget the support of you all: after all you were the one’s that gave me the confidence to make my hobby my profession!

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Anonymous asked: Hi! First off, I just want to say how amazingly talented you are and am a big fan of your wonderful work :) Secondly, I just want to add that your work has inspired me to take an interest in video editing; I was already a Film Studies major, but creatively, it wasn't fulfilling that part of me and thanks to you, you got me thinking about this particular field of film. Anyway I had a quick question for you, someone who works in the field: how much math is involved in video editing/to what extent?

Hey Anon! Thank you so much for the compliment! I’m flattered that you like my stuff so much! <3

Uff, that is quite a question. I can’t speak for the film editors here but in my line of work (promotional/trailer editing) almost no math is involved (I had a bit of it at uni but it wasn’t THAT complicated - trust me: I’ve always been a 100% failure at math).

Of course you have your share of technology in this kind of work and you have to have basic computer skills but when we have a bigger problem at work (e.g. with the video tape recording, or the editing software/hardware and stuff like that) there’s always an engineer at work to help you out.

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Anonymous asked: Hello, I adore your videos and can't wait for future uploads! I was just wondering if you've seen Her? The trailer you did with it was fantastic and I was wondering what you thought of it!

Hey, unfortunately I haven’t seen it since it’s not out in Germany yet. I think the release date here is the 27th of March. I can’t wait to see it. :-)

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Hahahaha! Youtube just recommended my own trailer to me!

I edited that a couple of weeks ago at work. It’s a (German) trailer for Sleepy Hollow Series 1 Episode 3. Believe me, I had a lot of fun doing this. A collegue from the marketing department said (and this is a real quote) “I almost shit myself watching it”. Quite a compliment, I guess. ;-)

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